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McMillions on HBO
The big McDonalds Monopoly game scam story is now a series on HBO. If you don't get HBO, they are streaming select original series and this is one of them. If you have Roku on your tv, find it on Roku. You can also download HBO streaming to get it.
I watched it once, and I'm watching again because sometimes I would get lost in the connections, trying to be able to know how everyone is connected. It is worth a look, especially for sweepers. We thought our sweeps were all so secure, but all it takes is one bad actor.
The reach and depth of the scam is just breathtaking. I never did anything more than peel a game piece off a fries, but the same retired cop who stole these game pieces was also in charge of "the gray M&M, and I did mail in some entries on that.
A lot more worthy of a binge than Tiger King lol.

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