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Mail-in raffle begins tomorrow, 9/2
Just a reminder to those of you who are interested in participating in the mail-in raffle:

You may begin sending your materials tomorrow. Complete rules are located in your information packets that were mailed to participants.

If you have any specific questions regarding the mail-in raffles, please send an e-mail to Carol McLaughlin, Coordinator, at: HMCcarol@gmail.com OR post a question at our forum area (link below)

Please keep in mind that Carol is still returning home from the 2008 National Sweepstakes Convention, so it may take her a few days to address your question. All answers will be published at our special forum area at: http://www.hersheyminiconvention.com/forum.htm

Remember to double and triple check your entries, as we will not accept corrected entries this year.

While there are many specific rules for the mail-in raffle, it is only because we want winners to go home with the high quality supplies that they are used to using for snail-sweepstaking.

Thank you.

-Rob Nease
NorthEast Mini Sweepstakes Convention Co-Coordinator / Webmaster

Rob's 2014 wins
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Ready for the mail-in raffles, etc.
We are safely home from San Antonio and anxiously awaiting the packages for the mail-in raffles. Be sure you check and double check them before sending them off. No second chance opportunities this year because of the complaints of allowing it last year and the year before. We're sweepers and we should not be having these problems.

We are also accepting prize donations from those attending or not attending. Email or write me for infornation regarding this if you haven't already.

Registration packets -- the packets that you get when you attend the convention will contain sales flyers and other promotional items, If you are interested in having anything put in these packeets or handed out, please contact me for approval and further information. Cutoff for the packets must be RECEIVED by October 1, 2008.

Thanks for all the support so far this year!!

See you in October.
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3x5 papers
Regarless of what Jeffrey Feinmann said at the national convention regarding this subject, the Hershey convention will ONLY be accepting 3x5 pieces of papers (like copy paper) and will reject any 3x5 index cards or card of that thickness.

It is our goal to have as even a playing field as possible. This rule is not new and is posted in your instructions. Just wanted to let you guys know in case his theory tried to sway you. Don't care what you do on your entries but my opinion is paper is paper and index cards are cards. A combo of both would be so outright unfair.

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Mine are ready and going out tomorrow!!!

Better to get them in now, before the month gets away with me!!!

Your judgment will not make the world a better place. Only love can do that. Only grace.
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Can you clarify paper........
You didn`t mention a color or say white. Would you like the entries on WHITE papers???

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OK, I am sure this is a stupid question, but what is the Mail in raffle all about? What is it for? How can you enter and who can enter?
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