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No more cabins in this category...
Just received this info from NCL.

All inside cabins in our room block that accommodate 3-4 guests have been booked. In addition, we cannot add to our block because all inside cabins on the Escape in the ID and IB category that accommodate 3-4 guests have been booked as well.

If our current guests would like to add a 3rd or 4th guest, they either need to already be in a cabin that accommodates that or be willing to pay more since pricing will need to be requested for an I1 Family Inside Cabin that accommodates 3-4 guests.

I should also mention that we are down to 20 balcony cabins in our block and I'm not sure we can get any more.
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Hurry hurry hurry! I'm registered and can hardly wait for this big party to begin. Love seeing everyone in our hobby and this year that comes with a chance to relax in style. See you on board!
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