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Are You An Optimist Or Pessimist
Are You An Optimist Or Pessimist

Take this test to find out. Then, sign up for the 2019 National Sweepstakes Convention, and plan to meet and chat with hundreds of sweepstaking optimists.


Optimists see the good in bad situations; pessimists see the bad in good situations.

Optimists feel they can control their destiny; pessimists believe they are the victims of circumstance.

Optimists turn minor setbacks into victories; pessimists tune them into disasters.

Optimists say “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”; pessimists say, “I’d prefer to watch the game from the stands than keep striking out all the time.”

Optimists love to break through barriers; pessimists say, “Why don’t breaks ever come my way?”

Optimists see defeats as temporary setbacks; pessimists see them as recurring events to be endured.

Optimists like to rub shoulders with positive-thinking people; pessimists prefer to hang around with cynics and complainers.

Optimists’ cars carry bumper stickers that read, “Isn’t life grand?”, pessimists prefer, “Life’s a drag---and then you die.”
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