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Sweepstakes Convention Live Real-Time Polling
Sweepstakes Convention Real-Time Polling

Have you ever wanted to take a poll of a few hundred sweepstakers and ask some specific questions to see how their answers match your ideas.​

Maybe you wonder if people who mail in entries put their return address on the top left corner of the envelope.

Or, maybe you would like to know what percentage of the attendees do mail in entries, vs those who only do electronic entries.​

Would you like to know if sweepers have had success doing online entries for themselves and for their significant other on the same computer.

Do attendees enter sweepstakes designed for smokers even though they do not smoke?

Well, at the convention you will have the opportunity to participate in live polling via text message, and see the results in real time on the big screen.​

So, if you have some questions you have been eager to ask, use the Contact Us form on the web site and send us your suggested questions. We'll take the questions that are the most interesting, that maybe the majority of the attendees have suggested, and put them into our live on-site convention poll.

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