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Sweepstakes Convention Prize Donations
Prize Donations

The convention committee appreciates any and all donations that would help to make the convention a success. ​

We do prefer receiving your donations ahead of time so as not to get bogged down at the convention, but if you have to bring it with you, that's fine, but please try to fill us in ahead of time regarding what you're donating so that we can plan which convention day, and which session it will be utilized.

Your donations can be stamps, checks, cash, gift cards, or nice, new prizes you may have won but have no use for, or even gift baskets nicely put together. During the convention sessions, we would like to giveaway prizes that have a value of at least $25. If in doubt about a potential donation, consider the "Donation Golden Rule". Is the item something you and other sweepers would like to win?​

If the item is rather large in size, that's fine. It most likely will be utilized during the Thursday evening Pick-A-Prize session where attendees can decide which prizes they would like to win. In this way, attendees who will have driven their car to the convention might try to win a large size prize they know they can get home easily, while those attendees who have to fly home might only try to win the smaller prizes that can easily fit into their suitcase.​​

Those who help the convention by donating items will have their name listed in the convention program, and also entered into a drawing for some nice prizes. ​

You will receive one drawing ticket for every $25 value. So, an item valued at $100 for example, would result in 4 tickets in the drawing. The more items you donate, the more drawing tickets you will receive. If the value of the item is not obvious, such as stamps, checks, gift cards, etc, please provide receipts if available, otherwise, the staff will do its best to determine its value.​

​There are three categories of donations: ​

Individual's Donations - Tickets will be placed in a drawing for $300, $200 or $100 cash prize.​

Sweeps Club Donations - One winning club will win 4 yearly subscriptions to a sweepstakes newsletter that the club can raffle off or give away at a future club meeting.

Absentee Donations - If you can't make it to the convention, but still wish to contribute and send in a donation, you'll be entered into a drawing for a nice gift basket with a value around $100. ​

When sending in your donation, please include a 3x5 card with your contact information.

Donations sent ahead of time (including packages) can be sent to our convention address at:​

2019 National Sweepstakes Convention
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, #353
San Diego, CA 92128

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