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American Patriots Prize Drawing
2019 National Sweepstakes Convention American Patriots Prize Drawing

Here's an opportunity for convention attendees to demonstrate their love for our American Flag, and for what it stands for.

The prize drawing is available to all convention attendees.

To enter, bring to the convention one or more new, unused items that have some representation of the American Flag on them.

Each item needs to have a value of $5 or more. For each $5 of value you will receive one (1) entry into the prize drawing. If an item you bring and donate has a value of $15 for example, you would receive three (3) entries into the prize drawing.

You may bring as many items as you like, no limit to the number of entries.

If you have a receipt to verify the item's value, please bring that as well. The value of items without receipts will be left to the discretion of the convention staff.

Winners of the subsequent prize drawings will receive a collection of some of the donated flag items. Each prize will have a collective value of at least $25, maybe more depending on how many items we have to giveaway.

Have fun and be creative in finding interesting flag items that attendees would like to win and enjoy having.

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