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2019 National Sweepstakes Convention "Pick-A-Prize" Fun
2019 National Sweepstakes Convention "Pick-A-Prize" Fun

On Thursday evening, at the Sweepstakes Convention Welcome Reception, many prizes will be given away through a process referred to as Pick-A-Prize.

Each attendee will have in their registration package 25 tickets they can use to enter for specific prizes they would like to win. There will be up to 50 different prizes available. You can spread out your tickets to try and win many different prizes, or you can use all your tickets to try and win just a few prizes, or even for just one specific prize.

There will be some large size prizes that might be of interest to those attendees who drove to the convention in their own car, and there will be smaller sized prizes for those attendees who will be flying home, and only have limited space in their suitcase.

Some of the prizes will be of interest to those sweepers who still mail in entries, and there will be some unique sweepstakes related items that should be of interest to everyone.

There will also be special San Diego event prizes available to be won such as:

[] Hornblower Harbor Dinner Cruise tickets
[] San Diego City Tour tickets,
[] Free Restaurant Dinner certificates
[] San Diego Zoo passes
[] Free Dinner with a Celebrity
[] USS Midway Museum passes
[] Disneyland Passes for those folks who plan to go up to Anaheim after the convention.

This Pic-A-Prize activity, coupled with the Welcome Reception is always a fun way to kick off the start of the convention.

Additional information can be found at the convention web site: https://www.2019sweepstakesconvention.com/
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