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June update
I still have some full registration spots left for this year's mini convention. However, there are no more "Banquet Only" spots left and there will be no more offered. Please keep this in mind when bringing along any non-registered family members. You will not be seeing them over the weekend except for sleeping at night. Non-registered members are not permitted in the section of the hotel where our activities take place. All meals except for breakfast are held in the convention section with fully registered attendees only.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
All information is being updated on a regular basis on our convention website as needed.

We will soon be releasing the information needed for one of the optional activities which we call the "Hershey Bonanza". Start looking for your items with the Hershey corporate logo on it. (no handmade/handcrafted items permitted). Must be corporately approved merchandise and not used. There are other guidelines which will be posted soon. Open only to fully registered attendees.

We are starting to work on the program and are very excited about it. If you, or you know of anyone who would like to donate time as a speaker for some of the sessions, please send us an email with their information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October!!!
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