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Exclamation Wow!
I'd love to win a trip to the convention, because in all my years of sweeping, I have never been to one. I'd love to meet people with whom I have connected over the years through sweeping......and I would really like to get some more tips on sweeping faster and more efficiently!

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I would love to go to see everyone I chat with from OLS! Especially my girl, Robin! I hope to learn tips from other sweepstakers so I can up my game!

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I want to win
as I tried to attend the convention when it was here in Scottsdale but I was sick at the time and couldn't finish the whole convention. I would like to learn more about tweeting and enjoy the experience of the excitement of listening to other members about their wins etc.!TY for a chance to win!

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I have never been to a convention but I would love to go. I want to meet more OLSers. I've met a few over the years and they have all been great people. I would love to party with them over a convention weekend. Winning something would be fun, too!

  Old  April 6th, 2011, 8:48pm     #65
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I want to attend the Convention so I can party with KB... to learn how to win these blog contests would be a major bonus. Pick me. #65
  Old  April 6th, 2011, 11:15pm     #66
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Last year was my first year to attend. I loved hearing stories and putting faces with user ID's. Nationals Rock!!!
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Thumbs up
Have been to two nationals, and loved every minute of it!!! SOOOOOO much fun to be with hundreds of other people who enjoy this hobby. Felt so comfortable and at home. Would really like help with Twitter to see if I could feasibly devote the time/energy to it; also, just always seem to pick up litle tips from people that help along the way.

Thanks for this awesome opportunity to WIN a trip to Fort Wayne!!! (my parents lived there for 16 years before my dad retired from General Motors in 2002, so I've been there MANY times, but this would be SOOOOO cool!)
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I would like to attend a National Sweepstakes convention becasue I have never been and to meet sweepeers from all over the world. I would hope to learn sweep tips and about learn about local sweep groups in my area.
  Old  April 7th, 2011, 3:31pm     #69
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I would like to attend a national convention because I've never been to one and it always sounds like so much fun! I would like to learn (or at least talk to other sweepers) about how to stay motivated and avoid burn out. Thanks for the chance to win!!
  Old  April 7th, 2011, 8:55pm     #70
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I would LOVE to win because:

I have never been
I would love to meet other OLSers in person
I want my picture with Brent
I LOVE sweeps
I love to travel


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I would love to attend the 2011 National Sweepstakes Convention because I have been sweeping with OLS for 8 years and have never been able to attend the convention. I have never won a hall of fame trip, and I would love to learn new tips on the best way and time to enter sweeps!
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oh my gosh... I want to win because I have always wanted to go to a sweepstakes convention, it would be a dream come true to win this year. It has been a long time since I have had a really great win or traveled anywhere and this would certainly fit the bill.

I have been an OLS member since 2003 (as bigfootsmother, I took over my sisters name last year for a change)... I would love to meet other OLS members (and of course Brent!) and the convention would be the best place!

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I would love to put a name with the faces- they always seem to be the same ones
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I have never been to the convention. I have only been entering sweeps for a year, but I would LOVE to see what a convention is all about and meet some of the great OLSers. Thanks for giving us each a chance to win!
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I've never been to the Sweepstakes Convention, so I'm not sure exactly what I would learn, but I know that I want to meet as many OLSers as possible, spend time with Ariyana9501 and her family in their hometown, treat my sweeping hubbie to a special getaway and learn how to be a more effective sweeper.

for everyone here because we all want this one.

Thanks for the opportunity.
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