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I would love to be able to attend a convention with my husband. We have never been on a vacation together, and I have never been to a sweeps convention, this would be a wonderful trip for us!.

I want to attend the convention to learn new sweepstakes strategies, tips, and meet my fellow OLS'ers in person! Each year after the convention I read the posts and pictures on the OLS forums and wish I could attend. Everyone looks like they have a blast there and the giveaways at the convention sound awesome too!
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Smile National Conventions are a Blast!
I would love to attend this year's convention in Fort Wayne. I have been to 2 national conventions but would love to take my sister along who has not been to one yet. I love getting to put faces with the names of people who post online. Good luck to everyone!
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I would love, love, love to win a trip to convention!! I have never been able to go and I have never the trip to convention contest and I would really be happy to do both this year!

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I want to win because i would not be able to attend otherwise

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Want to attend because I've never been to one, and all the other cool kids in my clique have ;-) It's true! I hope to learn some sweeping secrets that bring back my good luck.

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I am l o n g over due for a trip to the convention. I have been sweeping since 1994, and have never been to a convention, but a lot of my sweepstakes club members have and said what a great time they had. It would be nice to meet people that share a common interest and perhaps win some awesome prizes. I only live 2 states away and would drive if I won this trip. Thanks for having this contest!!

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I would love to go to a convention, I have never had the opportunity to attend. It would be awesome to meet other OLSers, and learn about all the new ways to enter sweeps (Twitter, Facebook, etc). I would love to meet my sweeping buddies, that have become very close to my heart over the last 9 years. The number one reason would be to see my ole buddy KB again, and maybe have the wiener mobile be there for us to admire again..LOL...Okay, I am being a dork now...

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I have never been to the convention. I missed the year in Springfield (where I live). I want to go and meet everyone I "talk" to on here!. So many wonderful people - so much information. BEST of LUCK to all.

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Sweepstakes Convention
Something different to do.
I live near Chicago short drive Ind.
Nice way to spend a weekend.
I might get new information
Good luck to all sweepers!!
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I would love to attend convention--I haven't attended in several years and boy things have changed! I would also love to have my husband tag along so he can finally "get it". I'm hoping to learn how to keep my sweeps a little better organized.
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I'm Sweeping to Go
Meet other sweepers and learn more bout sweepin from them..I've won lots and thankful for wins, for this site and friends I've made on here the most. I've won and had lots of fun. GLTA!
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I would love to be able to go to the convention again this year. Times are tough and would be just wonderful to be able to attend and it be paid for. Please consider me.

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I would like to attend the Convention because I have never been and I think I'd enjoy it. I'd like to learn some new tips from the experienced and lucky sweepers. It would be great to meet some of the OLS peeps.
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Have never been, would love to go, like to learn how to refine the things that I do when it comes to entering.
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I would like to attend the convention because I would have a better chance to finally win something this year. It's not far from home, and seeing the photos of previous sweepstakes conventions made me want to attend one if I could afford it. Good luck everyone!

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