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My very favorite part of this year's convention was a private moment of appreciation. I had posted way before the convention that August 28 was Jim's 72nd birthday. We had gone out for a walk along the Riverwalk and when we came back he was resting on the bed. There was a knock on the door and it was room service. I said, "Jim, you need to get up." They delivered a bottle of wine and a beautifully decorated birthday cake. There was no card but because the cake greeting said, "Happy Birthday Fan Man." I knew it was from none other than our own extraordinary PandaAntiSocial.

This was a very special moment for Jim and I. We at OLS are really blessed to know this beautiful woman.

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my fave convention moment
was seeing all my friends from last year!
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This was my very convention so everything was special.
I really enjoyed the speakers and wish there had been more.
Met so many nice people and absolutely loved the hotel and the great location.
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My favorite part of the convention, hmmmmm, oh so many.....

I'd say I liked most meeting up with all of my OLS buddies and seeing some of my own customers for the first time.
Being "honored" to be up on the editors panel with KB and Brent.....(and Brent: if you think you had it bad up there, my throat went completely dry right as KB finished up her little speech and there was not water near to take a sip of --- not even your cola bottle!! plus my knees were shaking so bad under the table it was levitating --watch the video lolol I, too, am not an out in the open person, but somehow made it through). Thanks for all of the support everyone gave me as I met them.

Oh, and most don't know it, but my most heartwarming part of the convention was while I was waiting for the elevator near the end of the convention. I came across a couple standing there with their dog inside the hotel. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were potential victims of the storm warnings to evacuate. I thought they may have been from nearby in Texas, but they told me they drove right in from New Orleans and the hotel was letting them stay (they refused to leave their dog behind and I don't blame them), so me having a real soft spot for all those poor people of New Orleans (after being down there one year after Katrina and witnessing the mess it was still in) told this couple to take my business card and please, please email me or call me as soon as they got settled or if they needed anything for themselves or their family/neighbors and that I'd make the contacts to get them help.
Well, they emailed me today (9/7) that they were home and doing well and thanked me for the kindness that I extended. They sent me some pictures that they took of us together, because the husband wanted to remember the kindness extended.

See winning and sweeping is not all about was a huge prize for me to be able to extend that helping hand. Me and my newfound friends Carol and New Orleans 2008 2.jpg the safe and sound family New Orleans evacuees take temp shelter at San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter 2008.jpg

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I was not able to attend this years convention but I would have loved to. 2 of my children started first grade that week so it was impossible. I have been to the last 3 and they were fantastic! I hope to go next year. But I would love to win this! If I am not lucky enough to win then I am going to purchase the set as I would love to see the speakers - especially you! Thank you for this opportunity!
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Wasn't able to attend, but would love to win this to see what I missed! We have 3 school-aged children, so it would have been tough to go, but someday I will definitely make it! Thanks for having this drawing!

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Convention Moment
Was lucky enough to be part of the staff for the convention, loved getting to talk with all the other sweepers and glad that we managed to get through with few glitches (pinatas that refused to break) loved being able to share our state with so many others as our tourism board says Texas It's Like a Whole Other Country. And as we say here in Texas Yall Come Back, Soon!
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Location: Luling, Texas truly is hard to say! I would have to agree with many of the people that have posted so far that the very best part is meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones! I got the chance to know my friend, PandaAntiSocial, a good bit more and that meant a lot to me because she RULES! It was also great to see KB, Kissaholic4Life, and bakedalaska once again--all GREAT people! It was also nice to put a face and personality to OLS's webmaster, Brent--really nice guy with a friendly girlfriend, Nicole, that I went and ate ice cream with 11pm? Overall, the experience of meeting others who can understand my wacky sweepstaking hobby is always great!

The convention location was really awesome! I got the chance to go to the Alamo twice so now I can check that off of my long 'things to do in my lifetime' list. The Riverwalk was beautiful and the river cruiseboat experience was really neat....and hey...our cruise guide ROCKED!
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I loved handing out all the green bags to everyone! I hope y'all will be able to use them!
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  Old  September 10th, 2008, 1:35am     #25
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Originally Posted by magicstacey View Post
I loved handing out all the green bags to everyone! I hope y'all will be able to use them!
i use mine everyday for my work lunch! what a fun convention it was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

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I can't choose a favorite convention moment because I wasn't there this year. I sure would like to win this so I could compare the 2008 convention with the 2007 (that I did attend).
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  Old  September 16th, 2008, 5:19pm     #27
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My favorite part of the convention was seeing some old friends and of course winning the $500.00 cash.
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  Old  September 20th, 2008, 4:09pm     #28
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My favorite part was the beautiful Marriott hotel-- I spent the first day and a half there realizing I hadn't been outside yet. With connections to the mall and food court it was easy. The boarding for the river boats was right outside the door as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by the banquet lunch. I thought it might be a mistake serving Tex-Mex food with no other options, but it turned out to be quite tasty.

Of course, it was great to see the OLS troll dolls in person after spending weeks following their travels online.
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And the winner is... CARAN52!

Congratulations Carol!

Thanks to everyone who participated.


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Originally Posted by Brent View Post
And the winner is... CARAN52!

Congratulations Carol!

Thanks to everyone who participated.


Way to go Carol! You're a winnah!!!! :-)

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