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getting ready for Hershey 2008
Let us know what subjects you would like to hear about for the 2008 Hershey Convention. We have already started compiling a list of subjects and have a few ideas but want to hear from you guys.

Also, any other feedback can be emailed to me at ANN-tics@comcast.net or mailed to my address: Carol McLaughlin, 528 Princess Ave., Croydon, PA 19021 I will take any information into consideration in planning out the rest of next year's program. Thanks for all of the positive feedback thus far!!

We'll have more information after all is worked out with the hotel, etc. Right now we are going to take a month or two off for a much needed siesta and to get our own sweepstakes back on board.
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I'll be there
Sounds great.


2006 wins

2000 visa bucks on Tony Danza

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