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Where what how...
Last year I hardly knew what the heck OLS was yet you all had your screennames on your badges... .Ok well at least some of you did... MR P`lift Rob did LOL

Where did you guys sit for banquet last year and how would you all like to coordinate that this year? I`m ready to PARTAY and have some fun!! Hopefully we can get the OLS bunch together..

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DITTO! Leavin' the hubby, kids and dog at home....I need a vacation BAD!!!! LOL!

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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Signing up for banquet seats
Aimee and gang. I have already been in contact with Patty and will be marking off 3-4 tables at the top of the sign-in sheets as OLS tables. I am asking that you pick those seats if they are available. They will be in the same general area as lasst year's and near the "worker's" table because Rob, Patty and I will more than likely be at that table since we will be up and down all night working and it's not fair to leave tables half empty. this way we can pull our chairs over to your tables and still socialize with you (since we are OLSERS too) during our free time as it becomes available.

I counted 30 bodies on the original signup list that KB has posted. Please let me know rightr away by direct email to ANN-tics@comcast.net if your name did not make it up there so that I can be sure we have enough spots. Looks like the 3 should do it for us, but some of you will be meeting up with other friends (potential OLSers right??) and I want to allow for that as well.

One more thing, we all do have to sign up for ourselves. Sorry. but this is why I asked to have the sheets marked. We will do the same courtesy for other large groups.
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