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My favorite new inner controversy: whether to tell people I'm a sweeper or a sweepster (a term I just saw in a post a few days ago), kind of like the fine distinction between a trekker and a trekkie.

Thanks for giving us a chance to go to the convention! Love OLS!
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Ya know, I dont really have a favorite quote, but if I did, I don't think I would remember it right now anyway after trying to remember all my medical terminology words for my test in 2 days. Anyway, I would love to be entered to win this great prize! OMG it sounds awsome, and if I don't get to go this year, I am definetly gonna try and go next year! Thanks to KB and Brent for having this contest by the way!
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Thanks for having such a great contest!

One of my current favorite quotes is:

You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time. -- Charles Kettering
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OLS Rocks!!
Thank you so much for having this sweeps ... this would be the BEST prize to win. Was there last year and had the opportunity to meet so many from OLS; it changed my sweepstaking mindset.

Being a Georgia Peach ... I am sort of star-struck with the whole "Gone with the Wind" story line. Loved the book, love the movie ... love the south (or my little slice of it).

What does every sweepstaker want?? Lots of wins ...

So every morning, noon and night I set my sails using OLS as my navigations guide

so I am ....

Denice . . . . Sailing into the wins . . .
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Omg ..omg..i Did It Again...i Did It Again....!!
I Had To Hurry....and Do A Scurry...
To The In Box And Get It Right..
If My Entry Goes In After Midnight
I Lose My Chance To Win....again....

My Best Saying Is....better Late Than Never!!

Whew....got It In...<sweatin Big Time Here>

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