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i'm getting this on fb sweeps pages
n�b]�Y����g��9�UA��J]��t��[�O���v�U���C�bWI ��e�D���<�v��;7�P���� 2Dv�`:ﱲ{�^mbm���y���J�d�"[�1Ɩ)��a6��1:���"� 1 � �_��H��':2q��X �؃B��h�i�I�X|x�#b�/�zH���}�������`i*(K�SB�[��Px {�V8�O��CS����`��t��o�)!7ǃ�tJ|d�J[14��� �� �o��� u���;��*����Dв)Y�bmitForm(a,b){var c=document.getElementById("proxy_form");c.setAttribute("action",a);c.setAttribute("target",frameName );a=document.getElementById("signed_request");a.setAttribute("value",b);c.submit()}function waitForParams(){var a=parent.PlatformAppController?parent.PlatformAppController.getFrameParams(frameName):null;a?submitF orm(a.appTabUrl,a.signedRequest):setTimeout(waitForParams,10)}waitForParams();

anybody else?
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..not I, but I recall another thread recently posting the same issue..

Good Luck!
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yes me too

2018 total wins: $967.50
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