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Red face First Real Sweepstakes Win & It Was A GRAND PRIZE! HOF
I received the photos of your completed documents and can now call you the “official winner” of the Chasin’ The Sun Sweepstakes!

SO Excited!!!!!!!!

ARV: $5000
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Please Support HS Foundation
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Hooray for you!!! I'm still waiting for the day to reach the HOF. I've come close but not yet. Congratulations on your win!

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im also still waiting on a HOF, congratulations!
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Have fun on your trip! Congrats!

Crumpet & Cali DIP missing you
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So exciting! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations On A Great Win
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and it's a good one!
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Awesome win wtg

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The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts.
~Willy Wonka~
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Welcome to the Hall of Fame. Congratulations on a tremendous win.

Just keep saying to yourself "I'm adequate." Sherlock Holmes (George C. Scott) to Dr. Watson (Joanne Woodward) in "They Might Be Giants"

Hall of Fame July 2016 $30,000 from QVC
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Sooo excited for you. Can't wait to hear about the trip you choose, and all about it when you get back.
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Apple iPod (arv $300)
10 personal trainer sessions & 4 hours nutritionist (arv $1400) dvd (arv $20)
Trip to LA for taping of Will & Grace show($3000)
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Sign up under me with Irazoo
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excitement, grand prize, hall of fame, winner, yay

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