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Disney Cruise Vacation for 4
WCBS-FM Promotions

Hi Julianna,

Sorry for the delayed email.​

Congratulations on winning CBS-FMs Disney Cruise Vacation!

Attached please find the affidavit and W-9 Form that needs to be filled out and returned along with a copy of your photo ID within 10 days or the prize will be forfeited.

Once we receive back your paperwork we can begin to process your prize.

You can send the signed paperwork back by any of the methods listed below:

Fax: 212-298-XXXX

​If you want us to notify you when the paperwork has been received, please indicate that when sending back the forms.

We will notify you via telephone when your prize is available for pick-up.

All prizes must be picked up at the radio station located at XXX Hudson Street in Manhattan between the hours of 9AM 5PM from Monday thru Friday.

You will be required to present Photo ID to claim your prize and the ID must have the same address you provided when you won.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!



This was a local sweeps sponsored by WCBS-FM. I entered once on line.
The sweepstakes was only open for 2 weeks.

My family is so happy.

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My family went on a Disney Cruise last summer and the kids had a great time. My Mom used an inheritance to take all my brothers and grandkids. My girls loved it. Sign up for the Character Meals and other stuff as early as possible. My brother is kind of a Disney nerd so he helped us out and stayed on top of that stuff.

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Oh My!!


That will be a welcome relief this winter!
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Congratulations. What a fun win!
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I am happy when an OLSer wins but doubly thrilled when it is a fellow Brooklynite.
Last February I was on a Florida trip I won and it turned out to be the coldest day of the year. I was so happy to be away.

If "SORRY!"s were dollars, how rich I would be.
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Very nice! Congrats!
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Congrats on a great win! Have a wonderful time
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Great win! Congrats!!

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congrats on a great win.
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Very nice win. Congrats
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Awesome! Disney will make it MAGICAL for you guys!!
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There are wins, then there are Disney wins.

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Sax Zaza ~ #TeamTopKnot ~ Polo!
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Wow what a great prize win. Congrats and enjoy.
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