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The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video - Order Information and a Chance to Win a Copy!
The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video - Jeff Crosno

Jeff is a great guy. He's one of the pillars of the sweepstakes convention that everyone just expects to see each year. Jeff hosts and produces (along with professional videographer James Perry) the official video of the annual Sweepstakes Convention. A very accomplished and successful sweeper himself, and a natural TV host, Jeff has the insight and passion that only a true sweeper could bring to such a video.

The videos are very well-made and he does a fantastic job trying to get as many sweepers on the video as possible. The videos are a perfect way to remember the fun times and great people at any sweepstakes convention. A true labor of love, I don't believe Jeff sells anywhere near enough of these videos to turn any kind of profit. Therefore, I think its especially important that we all support Jeff (like the other vendors and sponsors) in order to ensure that these videos will be available to all of us at future sweepstakes conventions.

The Official Sweepstakes Convention Video is available in VHS or DVD format for $34.95 (shipping included) and includes highlights of the convention speakers, vendors, seminars and plenty of interviews of sweepers sharing their winning stories, strategies and winning tips.

Also available is the Unedited Convention Video that features the full, unedited video of the entire convention including all of the speakers, presentations, games/gameshows, the sweepstakes editor panel, the skits, the convention videos etc., including the presentation of this year's keynote speaker Jeffrey Feinman ("Mr. Sweepstakes" himself, founder of Ventura Associates) as well as his question and answer session, Judy McCurdy's (SweepingAmerica) Winner Ambush presentation, Steve D'Adolf's always popular Internet Sweeping Tips, and the Sweepstakes Editor Newsletter Panel featuring Brent Riley*** (that's me) and Kerrie Bloss (kbsocial) from OLS, Judy McCurdy from SweepingAmerica, Patti Osterheld from SweepSheet, Carol McLaughlin from This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff and Al Sayward, Jr. from The Sweeper Times, and many, many others.

*** Just a little truth in advertising- I honestly didn't do very well or say a whole lot on the Sweepstakes Editor Newsletter Panel. To be perfectly honest, I was like a deer in headlights up there. I just don't want anybody to order the Unedited Convention Video expecting to see and hear a whole lot from me on the panel. On the other hand, it might be good for a laugh, I made a pretty good crack about picturing everyone naked.

The Unedited Convention Video is also available in VHS or DVD format for $44.95 (shipping included) or you can order both the Official Sweepstakes Convention Video and the Unedited Convention Video together for $74.95 which also includes shipping.

To order, please send your payment (payable to J.D. Crosno), choice of video and format, and your shipping name and address to:

J.D. Crosno
2921 Carters Grove
O'Fallon, MO 63368

I *believe* Jeff has produced the official video for each year's sweepstakes convention since the very beginning (that's 19 years), so he most likely could provide videos from past conventions if you are interested.

Official Sweepstakes Convention Video Drawing
In support of Jeff, OLS will give away a copy of the Official Sweepstakes Convention Video to one lucky winner. To enter, simply reply to this thread and share one of your favorite parts of the 2008 National Sweepstakes Convention: Lone Star Stampede. You can post more than once, but only your first post to this thread will be eligible to win. The winning post will be randomly selected in approximately two weeks, on the morning of Sunday, September 21, 2008. The winner will be announced in this thread as well as notified by PM (private message) and/or email. The winner will have one week to claim their prize.

The winner is post number 19, CARAN52. Congratulations Carol!

Last edited by Brent; September 23rd, 2008 at 3:16pm.

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HA, HA,,,,had I waited just a few more hours I wouldn't have had to start a thread. I am really interested in the unedited version. And yes, Jeff does a fantastic job along with his crew. I think every sweeper recognizes him instantly!

My favorite part (hard to choose!) was the Christmas in August theme...I love Christmas and I have to say, Santa was smoking! I had my pic taken with him and the elves were adorable. I thought the whole idea was great and executed well. I really believed it was Christmas!

Thanks Brent!

Also, I am assuming checks are made payable to Jeff Crosno?

Edited to add: If I should be the lucky winner I will hold a MOC for video plus an extra surprise or two. I couldn't wait so I went ahead and ordered the video.

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Originally Posted by gemini lion View Post
Also, I am assuming checks are made payable to Jeff Crosno?
You are correct, I'll update the post to make it clear.

You're quite welcome!


Please help your fellow OLS members win! - Referral and Vote Requests ~ Premium Referral and Vote Requests
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I think my favorite part of the convention, even though I left early, was the Deal or No Deal games. I love that show and it was exciting to watch the live action. The surprise Christmas theme was great also!

Life is good. Love it, live it to the fullest!
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I don't know where to began.My first convention and everything was so new and exciting.I will just pick one favorite moment,and that was when our ahhh fearless (haha)leader had to make a short speech and he was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chair

I think Brent did a superb job !

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My favorite part of the convention was meeting all of my fellow sweepers and all of the wonderful laughs we shared, either in KB's room, out by the pool or in the infamous haunted hotel. Each and every one of you made me (and Aubrey) feel very welcome into the group. Thank you everyone.

And thank you Brent for the great giveaway.

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I looked around the room after your comment, Brent, and had to agree with you!

My Wins
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I loved your comment Brent and thought you and KB both did a fantastic job up there.

I thought it was great to see everyone there, both people I met before and those that I was finally able to put their faces to names.
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I loved meeting many OLSERS and seeing people win nice prizes!

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Reviewing convention memories are like someone emptied a treasure chest of sparkling jewels. Which shiny gem do I pick up and reminence about for this contest?

Seeing so many familiar faces (this is my 6th convention) and visiting with old friends.
Saying hello to Brent and KB, and "winning" a coupon code to extend my soon to expire premium membership. I finally, for the first time, joined the OLS group photo - I'm a founding member- so about time I made the effort.

Strolling along the Riverwalk with some of my club members was so special. We stopped to eat Tex Mex in a charming restaurant at a riverfront table. It started to rain, but we couldn't bear to leave the scenic area. Luckily, the rain passed quickly without getting our food too wet!

It was all so good!!!!!

Thanks Brent for this generous promotion. Jeff is totally awesome and professional.
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I was lucky enough to win the trip to the convention this year. I had the best time!! If I had to pick one thing that I liked the most it was getting a chance to meet everyone here. Brent, what can I say about Brent. Such a funny guy and so generous. And KB, the life of the party and soooo sweet. I meet so many cool peeps here from OLS. I am horible with names let alone trying to remember everyones ID names here I will definitly try to make next years convention.

Thanks for the great contest again Brent.

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My favorite part was everything AFTER I spoke to the convention about the HUGE survey of wins results.
Before that I was a little uneasy; then the lovely venue of hotel and the Riverwalk combined with so many long-time good friends more than made up for it! Valerie
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I had such a great time at the convention. The things I liked best about it was meeting new friends and winning 1000 postcard stamps.
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It's way too hard to just name one thing so I'll list a few -

The sweepers - I got to reunite with old friends from last years convention and meet lotsa new friends! Ya'll are AWESOME!

The location - lotsa things to see and do within walking distance of the hotel - there was so much to choose from that we didn't get to do everything we wanted.

The decor - the decor around the doors leading to the convention hall and the decor up on stage ROCKED!


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I can be found at Facebook - look for KISSaholic4life

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I, too, had to many great experiences to mention just one. So for people considering attending one, here are f few thoughts thay might help you make your decision.

1. I you feel like you are too shy to attend the convention, don't worry about it. Other sweepers are very nonjudgemental and they take you under their wing and draw you into their crowd. They always look out for each other. I suggest that you find someone posting about reservations for banquet tables and take them up on sitting at their table. You will make some unforgettible friends as a reslt of this.

2. Don't be afraid to go talk to someone. I saw a guy there that looked just like Kevin James, the comedien. I finally had to ask how many people told him that and he and his wife laughed like crazy and said over twice a day. I kept running into thme throughout the convention.

3. While I was so extrememly and unbelievable happy to meet the OLSers who brought me to the convention and who I knew I would love meeting in person, there were many other OLSers that I didn't know all well that I now count as friends. Sweepers seem to be inheritently friendsly.

4. I waited over 3 years to meet KB missing the conventions at the last minutes for various reasons. It was a pleasure to finally meet her. She is just as I expected but WAY taller. (I'm a shorty). In addition, I had the added pleasure of meeting Brent. I knew he wasn't a smoke breathing dragon as he is so oftern portrayed. He an intelligent, fun loving guy that was really cool to hang out with. (not to mention a very generous sponsor of the convention.

Am I long winded or what?

5. Lastly, when you finally get a face to go with name you have beeen chatting with in person 99.9 percent of the time you are going to recognize the person immediately and will be instant fast friends.

So as to winning big big prizes? It would have been nice. I haven't won much if anything in a long, long while. The convention renewed my enthusiasm and I will dedicate more of time there these days hopefully. I was fortunate to win $100 from another sweepgroup. thanks sor that!

Thanks brent for the contest. I only want a copy becuase "you do it like that!"
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