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Two days and counting!!
Well everything has to be done and packed today for me!!! Leaving for Hershey as soon as the rush hour traffic is over!!! I am torn now between stress of getitng everything together, the TNT newsletter out the door so I can go, and the excitement of the anticipation of having a good time with all my buddies!!!!

I tried practicing last night for the karaoke and with all the stress of getting things done the throat wasn't cutting it. Must relax, Carol, relax Carol. lolol

This bee's gotta be done!!! And remember it's a full moon on Friday night, so be nice to the staff, and remember music will be provided by FULL MOON MUSIC so we're gonna have a "howling" good time all weekend.

Yes, hottie, is getting excited, and guess what? Getting his own room this year!! Think has plans to have fun with you guys. He just found out that you are coming Panda and was really stoked!! He already knew about the rest of you guys. Yes, he's single and looking!!
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WooooooooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO See you there.. and fill me in on any hottie and whoever scoop.. I love that kind of stuff.. Whatever happens at Hershey! Stays at Hershey.

Looking forward to a Fabioulous time!

Tracy (Nova Sweepers)!
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