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If I counted right we need 30 seats just for the OLS crew at the banquet rightr? I have contacted Patty and explained how we have been using this convention as our OLS reunions and she has agreed to let me mark off (not guarantee) seats that will be tables next to each other (going for the same area we were in last year only the correct number of seats at each table this year. lolol I will mark the top of the sheets, or have KB or Rob take care of marking off at least 3 or 4 tables. And tables near where Rob, Lori, Patty, Mike, John, Hottie Steve and I will be working from so that we can be part of the clan (cause we are but don't want to leave tables half empty as we are working).

I am getting totally stoked and ready to
See some of you Thursday, rest of you Friday and don't forget to come to my ANN-tics and TNT vending tables!!!

Hoping we all win lots of cause there are plenty to be won.
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Just place me near any olsers and we`ll get the party started. I am so excited to amongst you all this year....

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Thanks Carol ! That makes things easier
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Thanks buddy! See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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