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Talking A most exciting week...
Patty is receiving a HUGE amount of registrations being sent in and time is ticking away!

Plenty of people are changing their minds and deciding to arrive on Friday! We're going to have a blast and do a "Sweeper Idol" karaoke gig with plenty of chances to win prizes and have fun!

A special OLS guest will share with us the ins and outs of online sweeping and YOU WILL learn something new!

On Wednesday of this week, mail-in raffle period begins and it's your chance to win a TON of awesome sweepstaking supplies!

The Hershey Bonanza will be held on Friday night and it's going to be amazing. If you participate, you have the chance to take home some very nice Hershey souvies!

Now is the time to send in your registration while we are receiving steady registrations.

I can't believe that it's ALMOST HERE!


Rob's 2014 wins
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VERY exciting stuff Rob!!!
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