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I live 20 minutes away from the Princess in
Scottsdale- So what do you actually do at a sweepers convention? Are there different seminars to listen to? It sounds like fun--I'd love to go- I don't think I can get my husband to go though- He thinks I'm nuts- He will change his mind when I get a big win!!!!
So, what goes on for 3 days?????
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Hi azblondie. In a nutshell, and this is how the last one went, I don't know what types of programming they plan to have in the desert there next year,

Day 1 Register and visit vendors 1-5pm. 7pm speakers etc., with lots of prizes at the end.
Day 2 Get up early, morning speakers and prizes again. Box lunch. Afternoon speakers and prizes til around 4 or 5. Free time in evening.
Day 3 Get up early, more speakers and prizes. Free time 12-6pm. 7pm Banquet more prizes.
Day 4 Get up early, speakers and more prizes til noon.
Hopefully the OLS people will get to have a party again.
Lots of good info and LOTS of prizes/raffles. Other stuff goes on but I wouldn't know about that.

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So are you renting out a spare room???

I already have my reservations, so do not worry about me showing up on your doorstep.

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Coming alone
There are tons of us that go to the convention alone. There are soooo many nice people there that you easily get caught up in groups of friends. And one thing they did which I believe that they will carry forward was to identify us first-timers so everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome. I was a firstimer without spouse and had a fantastic time!! And the boyfriend thinks I'm nuts in this hobby too so you are not alone!! With all of my excitment when I came home and showed off what I had won, my son signed up (24) to go with me next year. Kinda got the hook in him now and now have to reel the rest of him into this hobby!!
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