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Roboform batch login
Does anyone have time to explain to me how to set up RoboForm for Batch login. I have Windows Edge and RoboForm Everywhere? Huge thanks.
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WELL ITWS NOT WORKING very well today

go to a web site (like ols) and my robo is on the bottom..so i open it up
by clicking EDIT

then I select ALL from the list so that it shows bookmarks as well as everything else

I list and save mine to say daily and the day it expires

so then I go along til i see the word daily

THEN I hightlight a bunch by using my MOUSE
at the top it should say log in (thats doing it in batch, by highlighting)

right now, even though I updated my robo, i have to double click as it WONT do the batch login where it goes to the site and enters and etc

any other q's just private message me

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