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oh i was wondering that myself as I used chrome for sweeps and most of the sites give me that warning now

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Why does it even matter on a site where they aren't taking sensitive information. How many thread do we really need on this subject?
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  Old  March 3rd, 2019, 6:13pm     #63
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Not secure website message
When I log in I get a message saying this is not a secure website. Any ideas?
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might read here:

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This website not secure?
Just noticed in my browser address bar it says this website (OLS) is " Not secure" . And it is red color

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read the thread in the beginning.. it's been "not secure" .. it is not a banking website or one with sensitive information. Many sights are "not secure" now as it is the "thing" to tell people so they can decide what information they want to list on sights..

You wouldn't want to fill out an online form for car insurance using sensitive information on a site that is "not secure" or an not an HTTPS: sight.

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