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good job
Congrats to all of the recent winners
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Originally Posted by IMADEVLSH1 View Post
After being a member of OLS since March of 1999 I can finally step up and claim my HOF win! In June we went camping at Wisconsin Dells....first time I've ever been even though I grew up in NW Indiana and have lived in Illinois for over 20s!. I decided for my boyfriends birthday we would go there. While we were there we stopped at a place called Nigs......Have a Swig with Nig

They were having a raffle to benefit the Kilborne Volunteer Firedepartment, so I spent $20 on three tickets.

They called me Sunday the 14th to tell me I won the Harley Davidson Street Glide with $4000 worth of upgrades. Total package $28000!

I'm so excited, but know I should just sell it for a nice downpayment on a house. I plan to take it on a three week road trip in the spring before I come home to sell her.
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Amazing win! What a blessing! I agree! Sell it new and rent a bike for the road trip! You will come out with more money in the end for the down payment on your house! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 🎉🍾🎈
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Wow that is great!
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That's AWESOME, congrats!
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yeah they dont go down in price and the dealerships will buy it back etc, plus its basically got its own insurance (at least here in Canada) Ours was not that pricey LOL (was half that)..sadly there is a short season in SK where I live

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you JELLY?
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Great win, great story
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