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Can't tell if I'm being scammed or not
I checked my phone messages today...which I only do a few times a week. A man named Christopher Miller told me this was the third and final attempt he was making to contact me. He said if he did not hear from me today by 4 pm he would issue a summons. He left his return phone number and a file number. I have no idea why I would be getting a summons. So I returned his call and got a recording of music. Nobody saying I was being put on hold or anything. After a minute or so I hung up and tried to look him up on a reverse phone number website. The number came up as unlisted in Texas. After I saw that I replayed the message. He never said he was a lawyer and I'm thinking he would have to say that, right? I can't figure out if I should be worried or if it's just some new kind of scam. I miss the good ol' days when you knew right away. Either by instantly recognizing it as a telemarketer or the emails that always started out "Good day..."
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