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I just want to let everyone know that I am aware that Comcast had major problems and dumped a lot of websites.
With the registration period closing shortly it was not worth going in and re-creating every single page so I only am doing what is necessary as we go forward.

The Blog section and the Guest comment sections were not affected and remain as posted. Registration packets are being emailed to everyone as they pay their registration, so they will have all the important information needed for this year's mini.

See you in October!!!

Note: We are still in dire need of door prizes. If anyone whether coming or not can help out please let me know. We cannot solicit companies because we are not a charity and most will not donate unless were were. We are looking for sweeps supplies, gift cards, things like that.

Also if anyone has access to greeting card ladies and can get us a supply of greeting card envies for fillins I would really appreciate it. We can't get them around here.
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