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Unhappy OLS Night Spam
This has probably already been discussed but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forums. My day starts early (2-4AM). I always check OLS before I go to work. There is always a lot of what is clearly spam in the forums. I know better than to clink on any of the links. I just don't understand what their objective is. Is it something I should be concerned about even though I don't click the link?
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I'm annoyed with it too and that's probably their objective to annoy people.

Must be sad to have such and empty life that your daily goal is to go to a sweepstakes site and post spam all over the place and then possibly sit around and discuss it with your equally void of life friends.

The mods have to come in everyday and go through and delete all of it. What a PITA for them.

3 cheers for the mods here having to deal with this nonsense.

Pray for the spammers they need it.
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We delete and ban the spammers as soon as we see it. Best part to do, not click on the link or respond to it, as it bumps it to the top. Just report it.


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