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Your Leader is Back
As some of you know, I have been away and running light on the convention postings the past couple of weeks as I traveled on two of my trip wins and attended a couple of sweeper's functions, but now I am grounded for a while and ready to roll.

For those of you who haven't met me yet, feel free to watch interviews done by the CBS news team and which has aired this past week. One video went out to each affliliate of CBS for each of those interviewed and they could edit it as they felt to make their story.

My Philly area is at www.cbs3.com search video gallery and then "make me a winner.
other sweepers have been reporting in the station ID's as they saw different versions. They are all good and worth watching each one because eacf of us were interviewed for at least 2 hours so bits and pieces of each broadcast are different.

Please feel free to add the CBS station letters or link where you saw it below and what the search is that we should use.

And see you all soon!!
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