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What do you think about the raffles?
What, if any, are you going to enter in the raffles? I am going to enter one roll of Forever stamps, one roll of .28 cent stamps and 100 USPS pre-stamped post cards.
I am going to skip the cash and the lottery ticket raffle.
What about everyone else?
By the way, I am SO excited that in only a week I get to meet all you crazy people!!
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If I get my act together in time I'll do cash and postcards (only because I have a TON) and maybe stamps/GC. I'm heading east on Sunday so we'll see what I can do in the interim
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I've decided just to a few of each one. Maybe 2 entries in each and thats it.

I'm already getting my suitcase out and ready!!! I just can't wait for this trip!!!!

Your judgment will not make the world a better place. Only love can do that. Only grace.
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I'm going for it all. No guts no glory.

Kathy in OR
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Like the odds
This year, I am maxing out on all the goodies!!! The odds are fantastic! Hey, KTfern, we are in Portsmouth waiting for NASCAR on Sunday, closest I could get a hotel! On the hunt for lobster...haha its on every corner!!

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Will skip the stamps (Have a ton of both types) and Lottery Tickets. Maybe's are the USPS postcards and Cash Raffle.

Definitely entering the Sweeping Spectacular plus the gift card raffle as well. Then also these Bonus Raffles: Puppy Angels Donation and Puppy Angeles 50/25/25 and a few of the Vendor Raffles.

Hard to believe we'll be hooking up in 3 days or less

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