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My favorite win was to the BCS Championship Rosebowl Game in 2006. One of the few trips I've won. The first time it rained on the Rose Bowl Parade in over 50 years and The Col and I were there.
Never forget OLS ROCKS!!

My 2019 Wins
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 1:55pm     #32
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My best win was a trip to Germany from Beck's Beer. It was one time entry too.

  Old  May 18th, 2009, 1:57pm     #33
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tip: Utilize every method of entering
benefit: "meeting" Janir, my BT rescue hero
prize: Trip to '08 Olympics in Beijing, China, even if it was miserable
extra: surprises and freebies, ya just never know

My Wins
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 1:58pm     #34
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My favorite win was the all-inclusive trip to Cancun! It was our first time out of the country and it was such an unforgettable experience.
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:02pm     #35
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Persistant is the key to winning. If you are playing your sweepstakes at a certain time and are not winning, switch your playing times. Premium is good to have but you can still win big without it I am a witness to that being true
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:02pm     #36
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My favorite win was an all expense paid trip, for four, to Disneyland in California.

Thanks for the great giveaway :-)
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:03pm     #37
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I don't think any of my tips would be worthy, as I'm having quite a dry spell at the moment...
But here's something to consider for those "unexpected", "not what I was going for", "what the heck am I'm going to do with this" 112th place wins:

When you have enough T-shirts to clothe all your friends and relatives, consider donating to a local shelter or domestic violence shelter.

Or gather up some of the more obscure items that might go together to donate a basket to a school fundraiser or charity auction.

  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:05pm     #38
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My tip is to keep plugging away at it. It took me almost five years before I ever won a HOF prize and I won two in the same month. Don't give up!
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:08pm     #39
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My tip is, if you start to get burnt out, take a break! Maybe just enter a couple of single entries a day until you feel like getting back in the swing of things.

Thanks for the contest!

“Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection” - John Powell
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:08pm     #40
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Never give up and ask for help when you need it!
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:10pm     #41
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My #1 rule is sweeping is the same as in life.

  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:11pm     #42
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My most recent win is a leather handbag, just finalized this morning! I'd love to go to the convention.... I grew up 20 minutes from Manchester!
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:16pm     #43
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Enter...Enter... Enter!!!!!!!!! but only select contests that offer prizes that you are truly interested in. Check ARVs. If its not worth the taxes required just go down the list to the next one. I love OLS and value my premium membership. For a few more dollars you get the chance to win more prizes. One win usually covers the minimal expense and consider what it used to cost to enter these contests in postage only a few years ago. Sweeping in one of my favorite hobbies.
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:19pm     #44
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WOO HOO - please enter me...

My tip is - NEVER GIVE UP!!



Rose's Wins
  Old  May 18th, 2009, 2:38pm     #45
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There will be some dryspells. But persistance does pay off.

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