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Originally Posted by easum
As a first time attendee at the 2006 Convention I wanted to add my 2 cents worth to this thread. The cost of the Convention itself is a SUPER bargain, I don't know how the folks putting on this convention were able to do it on a measly $145 - my hats off to them for a TERRIFIC job.

Now to the point I wish to make, by the time I figure in the cost of airfare to Arizona (from the east coast) and hotel (which was a bargain at the Conference rate I might add) plus food and rental car the Conference overall was not worth attending. If they ever have it my home town again (I missed it when it was held in my hometown as I was not doing Sweeps at the time) I will attend but otherwise I will not be back.

The major useful piece of info I gained from the entire conference was about this website and if you're reading this then you already know about it. I met only a couple of people while I was in Phoenix (most people come as part of a Sweeps Club) so if you're going alone you will most likely be sitting in the hotel room at night with nothing to do. If you do belong to a Sweeps Club then attending may be a very good experience.

Thanks and Good Luck to all of you!
In case folks might not be aware, the majority of the cost is for food.....probably close to $100 per person of that $145 was for food. The hotel needs us to buy food, at their highly inflated cost to cover the cost of the meeting rooms, which we don't have to pay for.

I'm sorry you did not have a good time. This was my 14th convention, and I would not miss one each year, no matter where it is.

For the past 4 years, roughly 1/2 of the attendees were attending their first convention....that's a pretty remarkable stat in my mind.

Most people who come year after year will tell you that while the prizes are nice, and the speakers are usually good, they really come for the social aspects of meeting people who they may only see once a year, but may correspond with via email, or see mentioned in various forums.

I disagree that most people come as part of a club. In fact, even though many of the members of a our San Diego Sweepers did come to this convention, we spent most of the time away from each other. Instead, we soulgt out people from around the country to talk to so that we could learn tips from them.

Activities such as going to the casino, local restaurants, and just having meetings of small groups in someone's hotel rooms kept most people busy the whole time thery were there. Some got very little sleep.

In case it isn't obvious...I love the convention experience, and I sure wouldn't want to miss any of them.
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Originally Posted by kbsocial
Gotta contact the next hosts and tell 'em!
Get on it!!

My 2019 Wins
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