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One of My favorits is all the winners- really- you can just imagine the excitement of winning and being there with them.
Daily I go to the new sweeps- go thru that, enter and add what needs to be to my list then do my sweeps by newwedt first skipping what I have just done- sometimes I don't feel like doing anything at all so I go thru new sweeps then do the highest rated under the dailys..
I also like the expired so if something strange comes to your door you can enter and find out where it came from...
I am selfish I love ols, and really like the home feeling of being a family- heck I am closer to some of the board members than real family- oh...this board brings togetherness and when someone is down there is support, when someone wants prayers they are there, when questions are htere and come up there are the wonderful people here to help...

then there is the occasional fued...just like a family- that I usually catch the end of---there is always excitement and birth--haha- don't drink the water
Everyone is awesome- brent is awesome, the moderators, the editors, and so much more- I have been thru alot and some have personally just stood by my side- I love you guys/gals and wouldn't trade these past few years with you- even before joining when I was a lurker- eveyone is equal and everyone is welcome- what an awesome team we have here....
thanks to all who make this a great place to come to and keep it an awesome place!

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I LOVE Expired My Sweeps! Also, I spend as much time just nosing around the forums as I do entering sweeps. I love hearing what others have to say about many different things (also, I love to watch from the sidelines as controversies heat up!). I don't post an awful lot, but when something strikes me, I do! By far, my favorite site on the internet!!
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Super-duper contest!

I checked out the calendar (never had done so before), and it looked like the work of a social secretary.

I love the forums here, and try to stay out or I'll get no entering done. The first thing I do is go to my dailies and run down the list, then do the new sweeps for the day.

Later on I tryt to catch up with my saved sweeps and delete them once I'm finished entering. Yes, I am a major deleter. My goal is to keep the total number of saved sweeps as low as possible. I have about 195 now. I may be the only one who works this way, but it keeps me from losing track of what's waiting for an entry.

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Great Contest. I go to the "refererrals" sections a few times a week to vote for fellow OLSers. I hope to help to get them a win and I hope when I need a vote, a few will return the favor!

My Wins
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I love the whole site. Thank you for the contest.
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  Old  April 28th, 2005, 11:01am     #51
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My Sweeps is my favorite "added" feature. I think it's my wife that loves to hear about all the contests I'm entered in that end today, tomorrow and the like.
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  Old  April 28th, 2005, 11:08am     #52
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Has anyone noticed the "rate this thread" link at the top of the threads? How long has that been there?!! Thanks to this contest, I just happened to notice it and click on it!

I really do love the expired mysweeps. I just won a contest (a daily one!) and was able to go back and see that I had only entered it 5 times. Now I don't feel so guilty when I don't get my dailies in everyday (because you can still win if you miss a day every now and then!)

This is one of the reasons I love this site, so many wonderful features available to keep making this site better and better. Not to mention all the wonderful people I have met the past 2 years. (Holy cow, it has been that long already!!
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The first thing I do when I come here is to check out the New Sweeps,I love seeing all the things i might win,I also love My Sweeps and Shazam is awesome!Thanks for the great contest!!

What if the hokey pokey is what its all about?
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I love OLS and have been here a year tomorrow. I love every feature of this site but my fav is My Sweeps. At 51 my memory is not what it used to be and without My Sweeps I would Dq myself alot. I cant remember what I entered day before yesterday ,much less a month ago. It really helps me be organized. My second fav is forums because I have learned SO MUCH this past year(and not just about sweeping)So much great info and tips and the people here are so helpful. This is just and awesome place where I spend a lot of time(20 hours a day according to my family)lol Thanks for this fab contest. I would LOVE to go to the convention and meet all the characters that I have come to think of as friends!!!
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I love everything about ols. But my favorite feature is definately the my sweeps feature. There is nothing as important as this feature since it allows me to access all my sweep information in the click of a button. This feature makes sweeping simple and painless, of course, the shazam feature makes it even easier.

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into maintaining this site. It is apparent that all of your efforts are paying off - the membership alone has grown by at least 30,000 members since I joined several years ago.

Thanks for sponsoring the contest.
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So this whole "do NOT click here" is what first won me over to the site! I laughed after I got up off the floor! Anyway, I absolutely love how friendly and helpful all members are. I can post a question and *bling* it is answered! I also love how easy it is to personalize posts and profiles. And the annual membership is waaaay reasonable!

Oh yeah, did I mention the Shazam! feature? What a trip!!
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What a coincidence. I had just discovered and looked over the Calendar then discovered this invitation to enter to win in the forum!

I nominate Notes as my favorite feature. It alerts you to the quirks of each sweep and the fine print in the rules, which someone has graciously donated their time in reading over so that I don't have to.

This is my favorite place to be on the net. OLSers are just plain good folk, of which Brent and the moderators are the prime examples! And I thank them.
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Thank you!!!
My favorite OLS feature is SHAZAM!!! I am newly green and didn't know how Shazam worked. The first time I clicked it I was like hot d@mn, it's Shazam. I've been clicking it ever since.

Thanks for this contest. I would love to go to the convention - never been to one before!!

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My favorite feature is Shazaam. I love how it has cut my daily sweeping time in half. I was always worried that I didn't stay on the site long enough. With this feature, I don't worry anymore as I'm able to have many windows.

Thanks for this wonderful contest. I've never been to the convention, and would love to go.
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I have to tell you that without this website, I would not have won The 2005 Captiva 192 Bowrider and Trailmaster trailer. ARV $30,000, Yep! It just would not have happened. You see I work 10-12 hours a day and have little time to sweep. This site allows me to sweep in the most organized way.
And Shazam!!! What a find. I just found it!!! I am even quicker.
After my win, I have friends becoming OLSers and I get to help them get started!
So my favorite thing is the entire website! Every blasted thing about it!
Thanks Thanks Thanks

Who Ever said "Winning isn't everything?"

Jan's Wins
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