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thank you for the contest.
How generous. I love this site.

One of my favorite things about this site is how well organized it is. My favorite new feature is Shazam! What a great idea. It shaved an hour off of my entry time (I use roboform too). Now I have more time to visit the forums, another favorite feature of mine.

Can ya tell I love this site?

Hope to see ya there!
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I never knew we had an arcade until a few weeks ago, sad huh? Well anyway I tried to play a few games, but I have bad hand/eye cordination so I've decided to give up the dream of being #1 at Cricket. My favorite feature has to be the Chat room, I've gotten to know you guys a little better and I'm glad to call most of you my friend. Shazam also kicks Boo-tay. Hope to see you guys there!
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My favorite feature is definately shazaam. It saves a lot of time. Next, I like to click on the forums and look for names from way back when I had more time to sweep (Joni, Mare, George Vicki) etc.
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Shazam is my favorite feature besides the forums. There are many nice people always lending you support .

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi
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Wow! This site is "THEE" best sweeps related site I've ever been too as far as everything in one place. From the awesome comradery of each and every OLS member to Brents' fabulous website marvels, there isn't one thing that I would even think to add to this site. Hats off to Brent, the mods, the members and all those who bring a feeling of family to the OLS site!


“The day you decide to do it is your lucky day.“ – Proverb
So enter, enter, enter and luck will come your way!
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My Strategy
My strategy for entering contests:

Every day, I start with the previous days new contests. I enter them by categories. I first start with the 1x only. I enter the ones I would really like. Then I move onto the dailies. I'm a bit more picky with them. I work on down the line, going to the 24 hour ones, etc. As I do this I save them all to My Sweeps. I continue this until I am done with the previous days new contests.

I then move onto the daily My Sweeps. I start with the ones that are expire in the current month. I sometimes enter only those.

My next stop is going to the Vehicle section on the main page. I sort them by the ones that expire daily & enter those, but only the cars & pickups, no motorcycles or boats for me. I don't want to have to pay taxes for a vehicle that I would never use. The Premium Membership is really great in this aspect. Most of those are Premium sweepstakes.

Then I go to the expiring sweeps that are one time only. I enter a couple of pages of them a day; I have twenty to a page. I enter them unless I absolutely do not want the prize. Most of the items I've won have been from one time sweeps.

On my weekends I enter the weeklies I have saved in My Sweeps. On the first weekend of the month, I always enter the monthlies I have saved in My Sweeps. My Sweeps is great!
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I can't narrow it down to just one favorite thing because OLS has so many cool features -

Chat - I've met some really cool people in the chatroom and had some very interesting chats in there.

Shazam! - Everytime I click Shazam I get to yell out 'Shazam!' just like in the TV show.

Forums - Lots and lots of interesting and wide ranging topics to read and/or respond to.

Sweep Listings - A variety of ways to find a sweep, both current and expired, that are listed.

Mysweeps - A really cool way to keep track of all the sweeps that I've entered.

The People - Lots of really cool people here at OLS.

~ Space For Rent ~
I can be found at Facebook - look for KISSaholic4life

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Wow! This is the coolest contest ever. First, I have to thank you for coming up with this idea. Bravo. One lucky person is going to have a blast.

My tip is that you only enter contests that you actually want to win. I seem to win the strange contests that I didn't really mean to enter. You know the ones where you are up really late at night and you should go to bed but entering one more sweep won't hurt. Anyways, awesome contest.Thank you for thinking of it.
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Thanks for the contest.
I have been a member since 2004 and a visitor for 2 years.

I love many things about this site ... great sweeps/well-organized, forums, freebies section, notes ...., but the best thing is the people.

Most people here are so nice.


One day, I went to renew my "premium" and someone had anonymously gifted me with a one year subscription. I was so stunned.

Another example:

I was noticing how many beautiful new avatars were showing up and then realized many were designed by K.D. Abstract Rose.

Feeling a little bold about doing so, I asked K.D. if she would design me one, too.

I wouldn't have been offended if she said 'sorry, too busy' or something.

But she didn't. She was so sweet to gift me with a custom avatar which I love very much.

And the Administrators, Moderators and Editors are all super.

KB for example always answers my questions/pms - no matter how annoying they are or I am.

I think it's great that Brent - from time to time - chimes in with some posts/ good explanations on issues many of us wonder about (ie. Roboform).

You just have a sense of 'family' here.

Great community!

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I have a few favorite features. Number 1 has got to be chat. I love my chat buddies to death. You all are a bunch of goof balls that always make my night.

I also love how easy it is to purchase a membership. Within a few minutes you're green, or even better, you can turn someone else green. I love that instant gratification!

I totally dig and use the search feature right next to the title. I love being able to search current sweeps, expired sweeps, forums, mysweeps etc. So much packed into one feature! WOOT!

The biggest bonus "feature" are the members. You guys are my rock some days.

Mad for OLS!
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My favorite new feature is SHAZAM - wow!!! Thanks!
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Thumbs up
I absolutely LOVE being a premium member---I know you can tell from the numbers that I don't post very often, but I'm on the site almost every night of the year (since June '02)...

I also LOVE My Sweeps---there is no way I could ever keep track of all the dailies, weeklies, monthlies, etc. etc. and whether I've entered or not otherwise, as I happen to be one of the most disorganized people in the world.

Just clicked on the Shazam button a week or so ago and ---- well, WOW is all I can say. I think Brent's an awesome guy, hard-working and obviously super smart to come up with all the latest coolest stuff re sweeps on the planet!

Thanks for the neat contest! I'm going to the convention anyway---can't wait!

See you all there!??????

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I hate to admit it, but I'm a Type-A - anal-retentive (excuse my language) - personality, stuck on attention to detail, and unhappy unless I'm highly organized I'm always looking for a better way to do things and often procrastinate in my quest for near perfection.

I've used just about every method there is to keep my sweepstakes in line - starting with paper and pencil, homemade spreadsheets and tables, Sweep!, TurboSweeps and of course use tools like the paid professional version of RoboForm (it's worth every cent). I still use PowerMarks to maintain the few assorted sweepstakes that OLS doesn't carry, but the time and effort saved with MySweep is absolutely incredible! I totally love how it keeps track of everything so I don't have to - other than clicking a button.

All the features of OLS help me keep sane about sweepstakes I don't always have time to, but I like to first look at the latest Expiring Sweepstakes and then New Sweepstakes for the previous day. I try to keep up with some of the forums with subscription threads.

I haven't ever been able to attend one of the sweeptakes conventions and I don't have plans to this year. It would be this sweepstaker's dream come true - and I would happily (no, giddily) drop everything in a heartbeat for the chance to go

Like so many others here - I OLS!!
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My favorite features...
Simply going to "new sweeps" is the feature I use most often. It is organized, I can do short entry sweeps first, and see quickly what I want to enter by seeing if it is a one time only entry, since I don't bother with dailies anymore. One thing I love about it too is being able to read the "posts" that people make which will include and important info, codes, and trivia answers. Everything is right there in one spot - GREAT! I LOVE IT!

As a side note, I also frequent the forums... mostly general chat, local snail-mails, and wins when I need some inspiration.

I have been sweeping for about 6 years off and on and have never gone to a convention. I would LOVE to go and have friends from my sweeps club of whom I am jealous since they are excited about the convention! So here's hoping I'm that random winner!
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Thanks SO much for the chance to go
I only live an hour away from Moline but really can't afford all of the costs of the convention. I hope to drive there for one of the days just to meet everyone. I'm not sure which day would be the best - any suggestions?

When my brother died unexpectedly last August, I was touched by all of the kind words and condolences that were PMed to me - I'd only been a member for four months at that time. It was really touching. I think it was the first time I'd used the private message feature.

As far as looking around the site goes, when I went to the Free Stuff forums I usually checked out the free stuff, phone-in freebies and surveys. The very first time I checked out the Good Deal Alerts, I found a deal whereby I purchased a photo print cartridge, with free shipping, and got a free DVD player. I didn't have a DVD player yet, so I was so thrilled to get one for free. It was like winning a sweepstakes for me! It was delivered less than 48 hours after placing my order and a few days later I received an unexpected win in the mail - my first DVD - "Shall We Dance?". That was a great week for me.

I'm SO happy that I found this home called OLS!
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