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I'm sure many of you saw on the news yesterday of the serial rapist/killer who eluded the cops for 40 years was finally arrested.

I listened to the East Area Rapist pod cast last year on "CaseFile." It was terrifying!

I have been watching the special "Unmasking the Killer" series on TV (HLN) about him and reading a book on the case.

Anyone else been interested in this case?

He was known as

Visalia Ranscacker
East Area Rapist
Golden State Killer

He brutally raped 50 people and eventually killed 12 in California during the 70's 80's.

It was crazy how they caught him. He wasn't even on their radar 6 days ago.

They had already submitted his DNA that he left at the crime scenes to genealogy websites hoping to find a familial hit and they finally did. A relative of his somewhere entered their DNA into a genealogy website (like Ancestory.com) and they got a match. They then obtained DNA from a discarded item of his to confirm.

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