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Please Pick Me!
I would love to win this trip, I went to my first convention last year in Orlando, and LOVED it!!! I was hooked right away I learned so much and got to meet some wonderful people, and even better they gave away some pretty amazing prizes!!
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 6:31pm     #62
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This would be my 3rd convention. I love the excitement of everyone winning and the anticipation that the next name drawn could be mine. Plus it's fun to be with like-minded people who understand this hobby.
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 6:55pm     #63
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Wicked Awesome
Boston is an awesome city. Very walkable and transportation is super!

I love seeing all the old sweeper friends at the convention. I have not won big in awhile but hearing the wonderful stories always gives me hope.

I know these New Hampshire ladies (and guys) will give us another great convention.

OH I get to see family too!!!!

Good Luck everyone!!! See you there!

Your judgment will not make the world a better place. Only love can do that. Only grace.
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 7:09pm     #64
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Yes please!
I went to the convention in Salt Lake City, it was fun! I got to meet some people I have chatted with on Facebook. It is a great inspiration to hear of others wins and I love to see everyone win the prizes! I would love to win this chance to go to Boston!
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 7:31pm     #65
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This will be my FIRST Convention! I want to win because I want to meet my fellow sweepers!


Rose's Wins
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 8:07pm     #66
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I want to go because I have never been and get so excited thinking about going.
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 8:13pm     #67
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I would love to win this!
I had my first Convention experience in Orlando, was VERY nervous, but all the others made me feel welcome. I loved hearing from others more than anything, and am anxious to learn more about how to enter the online, texting, twitter, instagram, and blog entries as I am very confused and actually lost $4,000 Home Depot from a Twitter win that I wasn't aware of until AFTER the deadline
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 9:09pm     #68
gunz4hire is offline
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I have never been to a sweepstakes convention. I think I could learn a lot from people who are more than a hobbyist like myself. I think that some of the winning strategies that people share will help me win on a more consistent basis. I would also love to be around like minded people and just share stories about some of the amazing wins that people have enjoyed! Thank you for the chance!
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 10:58pm     #69
teristebb is offline
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Wanna Win!
I've never been to the National Sweepstakes Convention and would love to come! What an appropriate city to have the convention in!
  Old  May 15th, 2015, 11:36pm     #70
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Boston Sweepstakes Convention
I attended the Salt Lake City and the Orlando conventions with my daughter. We had a crazy fun time at both conventions. We enjoyed meeting many of the other sweepers. I have never been to Boston and would love to see the city and have a great time at the convention also.
  Old  May 16th, 2015, 1:09am     #71
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Boston is a first for me, Sweeps Convention-wise. I've been to the city, just not with a group of winners. I want to join to learn all y'all winning ways!
  Old  May 16th, 2015, 1:13am     #72
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Wicked Awesome is why...
i haven't been able to attend the last several conventions and i've missed my sweep buddies tremendously!
it would be a great treat to win and catch up on all the latest and greatest in sweeping.

  Old  May 16th, 2015, 1:33am     #73
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I've never been to a sweepstakes convention and I would love the chance to go! I would like to learn better ways to search Google and find sweeps, Thanks OLS for the chance to win!
  Old  May 16th, 2015, 2:53am     #74
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I've never attended a sweepstakes convention. I would like to experience the fun and meet all the great people in person plus learn the inside knowledge to be a better sweeper and get back into the swing full throttle.

Liam The Wonder Pug
  Old  May 16th, 2015, 8:22am     #75
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I would love to attend this year's convention in Boston because I love Boston and I love sweeping! If I were able to go I would use this opportunity to expand my knowledge base on how best to take advantage of the social media sweepstakes. I know it's the wave of the future in this hobby and I need to learn all I can about how to enter and win with it!

I have attended two conventions so far - Atlanta and Orlando - and the best thing about them is all the positive energy you experience from being around like-minded people. It's also wonderful because you meet new people each year. In addition, you always learn something new about this fascinating hobby.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a trip to this year's convention in Boston!
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