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I would like to enter.
I've never been to a convention before. I have met with other OLS'ers before and had so much fun.

I would love to learn more about entering via social media. I know how to enter via Facebook but that is about it!! I want to expand on how I enter for a better chance at winning.

Thanks so much for the chance!

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I've been a member of OLS for over a decade and I've never had the opportunity to go to the convention. I would so love to go and meet my online sweeping friends, pick their brains about our hobby and get to meet them in person! Thank you for the chance

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I enjoyed just being around a bunch of people that love the same hobby as I do. I like the mail in tips they gave. I hope to meet and encounter more of my Facebook friends in Boston.
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The Birons always do such a great job that I know the Boston convention will be fantastic! They are planning some educational sessions on entering by social media and I want to learn more about entering those. It would be great to see everyone and to meet new people. I also want to go to the Red Sox game ,sunset cruise and the trolly tour.
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National Sweepstakes Convention
I want to win because sweepstaking is my past time. I enjoy it and would like to hear what other sweepstakers have to say that I can learn. Since I am the only person I know that is an advid sweepstaker I can't talk to my friends about it.
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Twice I have made reservations to attend the convention, and both times my friend-travel companion and I both became sick and unable to travel. Now I would like to try one more time! I want to go!

Even though I have been entering sweepstakes for years, I need to learn more about all of the ways to enter and maybe even learn how to overcome my aversion to some of those methods.

Would be such great fun to see everyone.
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Talking Never been
I've never been to Boston and I've never attended a Convention, much less an awesome Sweepstaking convention! I wanna learn how to better win so my family can get excited again for prizes coming in the mail. My wins seem to have been dwindling and I want them to increase. Bigger and better for 2015!!!! Thanks for the chance.
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2015 National Sweepstakes Convention Entry
I have been to several Nationals. I'd have to say the absolute best reason to go is to meet fellow sweepers. I met my Good friend Harriette on a dark lonely street in San Diego over 11 years ago! While winning great prizes is great, sometimes you aren't so lucky. However, if you meet great people (and it always happens), the experience is well worth the cost of attending.

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I have attended before and love the camaraderie I feel with fellow sweepstakers and make new friends from across the country every time I go.
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This would be an awesome trip win! I've only been sweeping for a couple of years and I've never been to a convention. Would love to learn some new ways to enter and get some good advice from veteran sweepers! Thanks so much for the chance 😀
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I have been to a convention and would absolutely love to go again because of so many reasons:
- I met the most wonderfully positive people
- I learned so much from sweepers willing to help and share information
- There were so many interesting speakers
- There was an overwhelming number of prizes to make sure that most people leave with something
- the atmosphere in the sessions was electric and motivating
- everyone cheers for people who win - even when it's not them!
- It was the most motivating convention I have ever attended
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Smile Win a trip to the 2015 National Sweepstakes Convention
I hope to get a smart phone before then and learn to Instagram. Always new things to learn and fun to see everyone.

Yes I have been to other conventions but didn't sign up for this because of the cost. Thank you for the chance to win Brent and staff.
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Talking Need Some Pixie Dust to Win a Trip to the Convention
Sweepstaking since I was in high school and won tickets to the Beatles concert in Chicago but never attended a convention and always wanted to go.
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I interact with a lot of sweepers online and it would be great to meet them in person! Would also love to learn more effective methods for entering.
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The History, the Harbor, the Winners....Boston has it all
Boston spews History. I love History, I love sweepstaking, I love winners. What better way to immerse myself in things I love than to be the winner of this Wicked Awesome prize to the 2015 National Sweeptakes Convention. Walking in the steps where our founding fathers fought for our freedom. One if by Land, Two if by Sea.....My lantern will be shining for this prize. I'll be the first on the trolley tour living and breathing the sea air and enjoying history and crazy sweeping friends.

Living in Florida, I attended last years convention. It was fun and an eye opener. I am thrilled you are offering time for tours.

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