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(re. Mt. Washington)
Yeah the cog railway is a hoot! It's a bit expensive but so worth it. Driving is fun too but you absolutely have to have good brakes for the ride down and if you are afraid of heights, forget it! LOL. Yeah, the view from the top is spectacular.

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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Mt Washington Auto Road Info
Here is another website with info on the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

Karen H.
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Hi Everyone,
My name is Lori (uclafan) and this marks convention # 6 for me. I booked my flight tonite on Continental flying the red eye, LAX to Newark to Manchester. The Comfort Inn is where I'll be staying July 1 - 7. Looking forward to meeting so many of my East Coast friends as well as meeting old convention buds.

If there are any CA leaving on this flight, drop me a line.

I'm so excited to think in 89 days we'll be coming together in New Hampshire for the National Sweepstakes Convention.

Please use the link below, help me earn extras swagbucks when naming me as the referral and then search so your "Swag Bucks" will begin adding up too.
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Hi I'm Carol and I am flying in from near Philadelphia, PA I will be staying at the Radisson too. Can't wait to parteeee with all my ole OLS friends and the new ones we are going to scoop up!!
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I am SO excited to meet all of you! Can't wait!!
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Didn't know until today if I could make it or not. Told peeps I wasn't going to be there. However I was able to get the kinks worked out and will be rooming with uclafan! My name is Lori (yep just like uclafan's)

I am still waiting to verify that they still have convention tickets so I can send off my check. Then will get airline tickets. The plan is to come into Boston (Logan) and rent a car.

I should be arriving into Boston around 3:45 pm on Monday 6/29.

Looking for anybody who wants to share a ride with me (to make sure I don't get lost) and also anyone who might want to share a room with me on Mon & Tue nights.

Please pm me if you are willing. I plan on leaving Manchester on the following Monday. Thanks!

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I'm Kathy and I am arriving from Oregon on Wednesday. This will be my second convention and I can't wait---for the convention, of course, but also because I get to see my daughter and granddaughter who moved to Vermont 2 years ago (about 1 1/2 hours from Manchester). They will be comning as guests for the activities and then I'm going back to VT with them for a few weeks. We're staying at the Radisson. Looking forward to seeing friends I met in Texas and new ones I have met on OLS.

Kathy in OR
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