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The Dream House Test
You Are Traditional

When it comes to your dream home, you don't necessarily want anything fancy... but you would like something nice.
You want a home that is well built and ready to stand the test of time. You're not the type to move around much.

You are looking to build something important in your life. And for you, the foundation starts at home.
You are a traditionalist because you like to benefit from the lessons of the past. You gravitate towards things that work.

The Dream Home Test

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You Are Open

While there's no place like home for you, you're also the type who can make a home anywhere.
You take comfort in the world at large and know that you will always find your own little place in it.

You are a dreamer, and although your dream home is quite luxurious, you'll take almost anywhere with a good view.
Many spots you've traveled to feel like home to you. All it takes is a certain feeling in the air, and you know you're home.

The Dream Home Test

Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

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You Are Artistic

You are easily inspired by the world around you, and unlike most people, you actually turn that inspiration into something.
You need a lot of space in your life... and in your home. You fill in that space with your own creativity.

You see the world as a blank slate, and you're eager to leave your mark on it. Each day has a ton of possibilities.
Your dream home needs to have just enough inspiration and just enough possibility. You know it when you see it.
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Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying, planning & dreaming... and entering!
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