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You can be a Convention Participant!
Do you want to be a part of the 2015 National Sweepstakes Convention in Boston, but can't attend this year? You can be a part of this wicked awesome convention by donating a prize to the convention. These are prizes given away in addition to the prizes purchased with registration fees.

Participating in the convention by making a prize donation makes you eligible to win the monthly drawing just for donating a prize.

If you don't want to ship a prize, or want to get in before the monthly deadline...you can donate an Amazon.com e-gift card. When purchasing the e-card, send the card to sweepingboston2015@gmail.com. The convention will purchase a prize with your gift card donation and you get all of the credit! It's that easy!

For more wicked awesome information, please visit the donation page on the convention web site at:


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