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I would like to go to a National Convention and learn how to organize my sweeps. I've never been to a national convention before.
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Oh My Gosh!!!
How I would love to win this and meet so many of the olsers I have so grown to love!!
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Have enjoyed meeting new sweepers and renewing friendships made at past conventions. ALWAYS learn new things from how the postal system works to winning radio station sweeps and learning about new ways to enter & win (social media, text, etc)

Looking forward to meeting new friends and learning what is on the horizon for our hobby.

Winners never quit and quitters never win!
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To Enter:

Post why you would want to attend a National Sweepstakes Convention and what you might hope to learn.

I would love to come and learn new ways on staying organized with my sweeps. Tips from other members are always so helpful.
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This will be my third convention. I've enjoyed learning new ways of entering sweepstakes and it's always so much fun to catch up with old friends. I'm really looking forward to seeing Boston!

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Convention Sweepstakes Entry
I would love to win a trip to the convention. It would be a blast to meet others who enjoy this hobbly. I'd like to learn how to enter sweeps via instagram and twitter.
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Red face I would love to win this awesome prize!!
I would like to attend the 2015 Boston National Convention because I want to meet like minded people like me! I want to see everyone using Twitter, Instagram and texting to win! I'm hoping to learn more shortcuts to Roboform, Instagram and Twitter!
I attended my first National Convention last year in Orlando. I enjoyed meeting new people. I was a runner because that way I'm being helpful and meeting new people. Delivering prizes to people is VERY exciting!
I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things! I'm hoping the Biron's offer little classes in Instagram and such. I'm looking forward to helping the Biron's too!
Also, thanks to Nicole who helped me sign in! YIPPEE! Thank you so much for offering this awesome prize!
Hope everyone is winning and happy!
Donna Schechter
  Old  May 27th, 2015, 12:01am     #158
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I love the total convention experience. This will be my third convention and I am counting down the days already! I can't wait to meet new people and hopefully see some familiar faces too.
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I've never been to a sweepstakes convention,. It would be fun to go and meet other sweepstakers and exchange tips with everyone.

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Why I wanna go to the 2015 Convention
Well I went to the one in Scottsdale and was only able to go for 1 day not even a full one at that. I would love to experience the whole convention not only to learn more ways to win, meet fellow sweepers, and listen to the speakers and of course win win win while I'm there. GLTA and ty OLS.

My son is now an 12th grader! Congrats Anthony! I love you very much! Go Pats!
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Hi, I have never been to a national conventio . I would so love to go to Boston!
Hoping my name is picked!
Thank - you for theoopportunity to win!

You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. Jimmy Dean
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Well, I've never been to a national convention, and I'd love to get in on the excitement!

This year sounds even better to me because it's in Boston--and the JFK library and other historic sites are on my bucket list!
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I am another who has always wanted to go to a National Sweepstakes Convention to meet others who enjoy this wonderful hobby.It would be a dream come true!

Ethan,Fiona,Gabriel and Savannah's MawMaw!
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Win a trip to the 2015 National Sweepstakes Convention
I am looking forward to learning more about this fabulous hobby of sweepstaking. I find it to be a huge reunion of my best friends. New ways to win are given year after year and they can make our wildest dreams come true. The programs and speakers are really good and impart a wealth of helpful information. I can't think of one thing I'd change and would love to win this novel, first time prize from Brent and crew!
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I would love to attend the Boston Convention because I have never been there, I enjoy the Birons conventions, I am due to win something AWESOME! I need a trip with Becki!

My favorite part of conventions is the atmosphere of postitive people . All winners!
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