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Exclamation Please Read Before Posting In This Forum
OLS Site and Forum Rules apply to the entire site, including the vent forum. Yes, there may be a bit more leeway when it comes to the politics and vent forums, due to their very nature; but that does not give members free reign to continually bash other members which they do not like under the guise of "venting". If you or anyone else dislikes someone or their beliefs enough to state so repeatedly, it would be best for all involved to just put those people on ignore. It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. The mods/admins here have spent way too much time mediating what amounts to petty schoolyard bickering. Everyone needs to step back for a moment, take a break and calm down.

The lynch mob mentality that has reared its head here recently will no longer be tolerated. Any posts like those described above will be deleted without warning, and repeat offenders risk losing their OLS privileges.

We know that with almost 100,000 members at this site, there are going to be fires to put out now and then. However, that should not keep us from being what we've always been - the best and friendliest sweeping community there is.

Thanks for understanding!
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