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Enter Enter Enter and then forget about it so you don't drive yourself nuts! The prizes come when they come and freaking out won't help! :-)
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Winning tip
Play sweeps for the fun. The wins are icing on the cake!
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My favorite win was a cash prize, but I enjoy them all no matter how big or small.

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Enter all the local TV and radio sweepstakes, less competition.

An Angel says, 'Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.'
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Just returned from my Grand Prize trip for two to Puerto Rico....fabulous win, especially when I was just going for an instant win in that sweepstakes...so if it can happen to me, it can certainly happen for YOU!
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Smile I would love to win this!
My favorite things to win are once in a lifetime experiences. I love winning things that I make me or my family feel special. My mom and I had the opportunity to go to the CMA and we had a private concert the day before and it was very special.
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Patience and Postings
One of the great things about OLS are the posters ...
they are soooo invaluable for NOTES on how to enter the sweeps,etc.
Saves a huge amount of time and aggravation!
And they are founts of wisdom on a lot of everything else.
I am constantly amazed at the cleverness and range of experience
and knowledge of OLSers.
Proud to be a member!
Hugs to all who post!

No fancy icons ...just me.

Oh, yes, ALSO: Patience, patience, and have fun.

Last edited by xxyyzz; May 19th, 2009 at 9:33pm. Reason: Another thought to go with headline.
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Thank you Brent & KB!!
I am not one of the full-time sweepers / frequent winners on OLS, but I have so much fun here and once in a while, I get a lovely surprise! My advice to everyone is to remember that sweeping is a fabulous hobby and OLS is the best place to do it, but if you start to feel "entitled" and cranky because you aren't getting your "fair share" of wins, you've lost the joy of it all.

Sweep on with your bad selves!!!

Star Spangled Dreaming in DE...
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My sweeping tip is don't give up when it's your time, it will happen! Keep it fun!!

My favorite win will be this one!

www.leescrossroadscandles.com/ Sign up for an account to receive sales and discount offers!
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My tip is simple, just don't give up!

'I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.'
Scott Adams
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My tip is to be consistent and enter something daily, there are so many sweeps that you can fall behind very easily, I enter especially the instants since they have been very good to me. Good luck to all and thanks for the MOC

Crumpet & Cali
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Get a premium membership. It is worth it.
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I became disabled in 1997 and fell into sweeping not long after as a way to amuse myself. What started as a way to spend the day has, over the years, provided we with so many things I could not afford (CDs, concert tickets, TONS of high-end makeup, books, DVDs), and, unbelievably, in the time since I joined OLS -- I have won a trip EVERY year (no kidding!) including to the Super Bowl (didn't accept due to HIGH taxes), Nashville, Raleigh, Jamaica, and, this year, Aruba. I consider myself BEYOND blessed that I have been able to win such fantastic prizes. I just wanted to say "thanks" for all the hints, suggestions and help I have received from this community over the years. Sweeping with my fellow OLSers truly brings me joy and I rejoice for ALL the winners here who have won (and continue to win)!

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I think the best tip is to keep a positive attitude and don't give up. It takes time to win and for the wins to start coming. Hang in there and keep entering!

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My tip is to never give up. Dry spells happen to all of us. I just figure a big win is right around the corner and if I give up I have NO chance to win it. Don't forget about local sweeps--radio and tv stations offer great prizes and you have less competiton than with a national sweep.

Kathy in OR
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