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Originally Posted by mom2anutball View Post
I don't really look at it like a job, but I do look at it like its my contribution to our home. Without sweeping, my kids wouldn't have had much for their birthdays this year.
Same here, since I can't work outside the home.
I always sweep in intervals though- sweep a little while, do housework, sweep, go outside, sweep, take a nap...

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I don't spend that much time. But I have other resources that help cut down on the time needed (weed out the wastes of time).
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I wish I could do my sweeps faster.. but if I have other pending things, I may not enter that day...

It is a way for me to get items we couldn't normally put money into, so I do like the "perks".

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I spend a lot of time entering and don't win much. I keep hoping an envelope will arrive with a hugh check in it so peoples will stop telling me I'm wasting my time.

I will win, I will win, I will win!
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