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nh2020vision Facebook Page
Are you staying up to date with all the happenings of the convention? Make sure and give nh202vision a quick Like to stay in touch, have input and follow along with all things convention!

Hope to see you in NH!
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Since the convention will be virtual we will keep this thread open for discussions as information is pushed out via their FB page.

Update 5/5/2020

5/5/2020 - Convention Update

With the new guidelines set by New Hampshire Governor John Sununu and through talking with the hotel, we do not believe that it is possible to safely conduct an in-person convention this July.

The hotel has agreed to release us from our contract, refunded our money and is in the process of refunding all of your room reservations.

We wish that we could have hosted all of you in our beautiful state, but instead hope to bring our state to you!

We will be hosting a virtual convention and over the next couple of days begin changing the online information to show you what that will mean for those of you attending.

The most important thing is that it means...you do not need to be present to win and if you do....your prize will automatically be shipped to you!

This is not the convention that we were planning, but stick with us and have ideas how this can be a fun new opportunity for speakers, hosts, prizes and attendees!
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Thanks, KB. Also from the website:

Join us for the

31st Annual National Virtual
Sweepstakes Convention

July 2020

Coming to Your Home!!!


Winners never quit and quitters never win!
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If you are registered for the convention, go to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nh2020vision and join the group. That is how you will be viewing the convention.
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Screenshots or prize summary?
Would love to see some highlights from the convention. Did everyone adapt well to the virtual format? Also, does anyone know when the decision will be made about next year’s location, date, etc?

Happiness is a choice.
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