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How do these forums work?
These forums are a way for members to communicate with each other. There are forums, or individual areas, set up for many different types of interactions with other members of our community.

Some basic terms you might see:

Forum : the area for posting and reading communications between all members.

Post : A post is one individual addition to the forum.

Thread: A thread is a string of many individual posts that share the same topic. Members can read what others have written and respond to a thread.

Off Topic : An off topic post (often referred to as OT) is a thread or post that does not follow the natural progression of the original poster. Threads that go very off topic may be closed by the moderators. Off topic posts within an established thread are not encouraged, especially in the sweepstakes related areas of the forums. There are several forum areas (subforums) where off topic posts are welcomed as long as the thread stays within the topic that was originally posted.

Smilies : Smilies are the little pictures that are available for all members to add to their posts. You will find the smilies located o the left of the text box when posting/replying. If you don't see them there, go into your user control panel (usercp button at the top of the main forum page) and then edit options. Make sure that you have the vb code question set to yes.

Email Notifications : You can subscribe to a thread just by posting to it. If you choose not to subscribe to that thread however, you can unclick the email notification button at the bottom of the post text window. This will prevent that post from generating any email notifications.

Unsubscribing to a thread : You can go into your user control panel (usercp) and selectively unsubscribe to any thread that you no longer wish to receive an email notification when there is a reply posted.

File Attachments : This feature allows you to add a file from your computer to your post. It is generally used to add a picture or graphic to any posts.

Polls : Polls can be posted by all members. If you have posted a poll and need something changed about the selections or such, please contact a moderator. Polls allow each member only one vote.
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