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I definitely don't spend as much time as I want, but usually about 2 - 3 hours a day entering and another hour or two in the forums. I just love this site and the people in it!

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Originally posted by allie
Some threads that have been started about this before..
Whoops! I guess I should have searched before posting... Sorry to post again on something that was discussed so recently!

I've decided the reason I'm not spending as much time on it as other people is that I'm not entering as many of the sweeps. For instance, on the list of 15 pages worth of sweeps that expire tomorrow, there are whole pages where I only entered 1 or 2 of the ones on the page. I'm not entering any sweeps that are for long (1 week or more) vacations for 2 since I can't leave my kids that long, I'm not entering for a lot of the music-related ones (I mean, concerts by people I don't know/like, or guitars, autographed memorabilia, etc.), and not many of the NASCAR-related ones, either, which seems to be a lot of them! I'm also not doing the Coke Music stuff so many of you are talking about... I spent more time than I meant to on the Crayola CodeQuest stuff, & decided to mostly skip sweeps that involve a lot of playing games or other time-intensive things!

(Oh, but that doesn't mean I'm not spending a heck of a lot of time at the site & browsing the forums!! I am a bit addicted in that regard!)

P.S. And my house was already a wreck before I started sweeping! This is just the most recent excuse...!
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I'm retired so I do maybe 3- 5 hours during the day

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I spend too much time--but not as much as others--
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I'm new here so I've been spending 3-5 hours too. Please tell me how to add a sweep to "my sweeps" Does it make enties faster, etc.? thanks.
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i spend an hour a day in a hotel and if I am home I spend about 2 hours reading new sweeps and entering my dailies.....

2005 Wins:
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My time
I spend about 2-3 hours a day entering sweeps too. That seems to be the average. This is just spare time at work. Work always comes first, but it's nice to have a hobby to pass time when things aren't busy. (I have a state job, need I say more?) I feel this is a better way to pass spare time than running around to other officer gossiping or snacking my way into 300 lbs.
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I usually spend about an hour each weekday morning, then longer on weekends to catch up on the new sweeps and weeklies. I almost always feel like I'm behind!
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About 30 minutes per day.
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I spend betweem 2 and 4 hours/day...depending on what I am entering. Every day I enter the "New Sweeps" and the "Daily Sweeps"...then of course, once a month, enter the monthlies...and once /week, the in these cases, a lot longer. Once/month I spend an entire day almost...entering weeklies, monthlies, dailies and new's a day i devote to sweepind and my husband takes the kids out for the day. All are online sweeps. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!

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How Many A Day?
I am curious! About how many sweeps a day do you enter?
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Welcome to OLS! Here are some threads on that very thing..
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how much time spent entering?
Hi all you winners out there! I was just curious about how much time you spend "invest" into sweeping? I've been doing this for about 2 months and ...nothing.
Another bit of advice, do you enter contest that your NOT interested in winning?
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Hi and welcome!
I sometimes spend 3-4 hours a day, browsing and entering. I dont have DSL so I'm not as quick as the others, but I do enjoy my hobby. I have won about 5-7 little things. Its the "thrill of the hunt" that I really enjoy. I get a rush when I enter something I like and I can dream about it for days! I dont enter for stuff that doesnt interest me. Or cant afford-like a private movie screening for me and 50 friends(ARV $4000.00). Why would I want to pay taxes on that? I'll just pay $20 when the movie is released to everyone and have a better time.

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take our breath away." ~ George Carlin

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I usually spend about 2 hours entering sweeps, but usually hang about a little more and read the forums. I can enter all of my dailies in 45 minutes, if time is short. The best advice on winning I can give you is to increase your daily entries. I did this and have been having a lot of little wins. I did have one big win a weekend beach getaway. I have been sweeping since Nov of last year, but kicked up my dailies in june and have been having a lot more wins.

I don't enter sweeps that I have no interest in winning, unless I can get cash instead of the Grand prize. Occasionally if I really like the 1st prize, but not the grand prize I will still enter the sweeps.

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