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Contests in Florida
I have a question about Florida. Why does it seem that a lot of contests restrict people that live in Florida from entering them?
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An answer from 1999...
Check out this thread.


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The reason why
Hello all fellow Floridians...

Leighsah here with an explanation for WHY so many contests are void in Florida.

After looking at the Florida Statutes, particularly FS 849.094_ Game promotion in connection with sale of consumer products or services, the state requires a ton of things from each contest sponsor. To check this yourself, look at this link:


If you are interested in changing this, please contact me directly at Leighsah@cfl.rr.com. I am active in politics and will figure out who who need to lobby initially and which congressmen and senators we can get to sponsor the bill in each house.

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Ask and ye shall receive:

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