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  Old  May 17th, 2003, 9:14pm     #61
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Yeah I don't enter that kinda info in it, just the main stuff that a lot of sweeps need (NAZ, ph#, birthdate, etc). So just skip those.
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I have been using Roboform for over a year and only enter the basic info; ie. Name Addr, T#, Zip, Mr. or Mrs, and B-Day. (I probably missed something). I never enter Pswd, CC info. Bank Acct info, SS# or any other private info.
Works for me....
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  Old  May 22nd, 2003, 3:07pm     #63
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? what
in notes I see many use robo to help fill in forms how do you get it? I'm new to entering so many different sites so never felt I needed it before this site....LOVE online-sweepstakes
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  Old  May 22nd, 2003, 3:24pm     #64
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  Old  May 22nd, 2003, 4:10pm     #65
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THANKS....i'm going to get it now.....
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  Old  May 25th, 2003, 6:07am     #66
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I only started using Roboform a couple of months ago, and it's a great timesaver. I do have a question I hope someone can answer: When I've used it to fill out an entry, and when I hit "submit", I notice that some of the information seems to drop out of the form before the form disappears. Does that mean that the forms are being entered with incomplete information? (Seems I'd get an error message from the site if that were the case). Thanks.

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I think that just happens in preparation of going to another page. I wouldn't worry about it, as yes, I'm sure you'd get an error message saying to make sure to fill in (this or that) field. That happens to me, too, by the way.
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  Old  May 26th, 2003, 5:18pm     #68
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although im not sure if your form was entered incomplete, though i dont think so, ive noticed that it happens to me sometimes and i dont use roboform.
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  Old  June 1st, 2003, 1:32pm     #69
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When I was setting up a website I tested the forms with both gator and roboform. I sent my information to myself with both of them.... I noticed the information drop before the page was fully sent but when checking the account it had sent everything and nothing had actually been dropped from the form. I did find something out though..... this is important....

Both roboform and Gator filled out hidden fields... that means that when I made a test form to ask for a credit card number and made it so that the text and form field were hidden to the client that it did indeed fill it out without the knowledge of the client. This is scarry. So for those of you who put your cc info in the program to be stored you could be sending out more info than you think.... So.. my suggestion is to only put the minimal info in the programs and when it ask for info like ssn or credit card # fill those in manually.
I tested both robo form and gator for several days on several different types of forms and my suggestion would have to be Robo Form... Gator still has spyware associated with it... They may not install it when you first put in the program but it is linked with several major search engines so that when you visit the page and type in certain words then it pops up ads based on those words. Gator spyware can not be fully removed with ad-aware although it is a great program but you really need to use that in combination with Spybot to get everything out. Even then you might still have a few files left.

Hope this helps... and I don't claim this to be the fact in all cases however it is what I have found while designing my website.
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  Old  June 1st, 2003, 3:40pm     #70
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Ohtiger- no, I think that is typical. If I'm getting slow performance from a website, and after I've clicked submit I look away for a second...often just before it "submits" one or more of the fields will "blank out." The state is usually the one I notice.

My hunch is that your display is reflecting what is happening "behind the scenes." The website is merging the information you've provided into a database; it's logical that fields such as "state" are rather instantaneously merged, since there are only fifty states...the database doesn't have to work very hard to accept that bit of info. Thus the appearance that your input has "disappeared" even prior to moving on to the "thank you" page.

I'm quite possibly all wet...but I still don't think it's a problem.

Banana~great info, thanks!
I was reading an article at CNET about some lawsuit that Gator is going through over privacy and their proprietary ad-serving technology. They are refusing to disclose all its bells and whistles, since it's a trade secret, as it were. But the article included info about some elaborate test cases that were run by some university, in which they created a bunch of straw men...fake folks with fake info...and ran them through weeks of websurfing. The results indicated that, based on what a Gator user does, "customized advertising" can be delayed sometimes up to several weeks. For instance, Gator users who visited pregnancy websites would start getting "weight loss" ads served to them, via Gator, months later. Smart, but sneaky, and definitely something I want NOTHING to do with....
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  Old  July 16th, 2003, 2:34pm     #71
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Where can I get Roboform?
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  Old  July 16th, 2003, 3:09pm     #72
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gadbear -

Have at it
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  Old  August 14th, 2003, 2:03pm     #73
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i have a question alot of the sweepstakes say no automated entries so does that mean i cant use roboform because i have used roboform to enter everything and does that mean none of my entries are good?
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  Old  August 23rd, 2003, 11:59am     #74
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About Roboform
Hello Everyone!

I have a quick question that has been bothering me. Some sweeps say "Mass entries or entries generated by a script, macro or use of automated device will be disqualified".

Does this include Roboform???

And what are some examples of script, macro, and automated devices and what are they?

I think the mass entries would be entries from those places that enter alot contests for you.


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